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What is an LED Corn Light bulb?

LED Corn light bulbs are the future of LED Light bulbs.   They uses lots of small LEDs to create big efficient lights.  Ideal for high lumens LED retrofit.   Using this design, you can now replace Metal Halide or Sodium bulbs quickly and effectively.   We offer our lights in E39 LED Bulb base, which is the large Mogul style  as well as the regular E26 light bulbs.   The corn bulbs are available in a variety of colors with 4000K and 5000K being the most popular.    Inquire about large orders with us!

December 2016

The 2017 models have been announced!   Using Epistar 130 lumen to watt LEDs, the light output has been increased and now even further energy savings.   Expect to begin shipping to customers in late 2016. 

August 2016

We officially have our own UL number for our #LEDCornLights


All of our #LEDCornBulbs will start shipping with the updated design next week!

April 2016

All of our LED Corn bulbs are now IP64, meaning they have waterproof protection.  Before they were just IP54, but now have a plastic shield to get water and dirt out.  Should extent the life span and give it more uses outdoors.

E39 Base and 5000K Color - 150 watt

E39 Base and 5000K Color - 150 watt

E39 Base and 4000K Color

E26 Base and 4000K Color


E26 Base and 5000K Color

E26 and 60watt -5000K


12 watt and E26 and 5000K

12 watt and E26 and 5000K

LED Corn Light Bulbs - The Future of Energy Savings!